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About Adam

Adam Tibi

Most developers start the about page on how they got their first computer, this is like the Hello World of the developers’ about page. And, I am not going to deviate from that. I started on a 386, Windows 3.11 and MS-DOS and became interested in QBasic where I started modifying MS-Gorillas and then writing my own little programmes. I wrote my first worthy QBasic programme when I was at the 9th grade, it is a programme that draws an equation in a 2-dimensional XY plane, although, you had to write the equation in the source code rather than feeding it at the DOS prompt. (Back then, I didn’t know what Lexical Analysis mean).

Professionally, I have more than a decade experience in software crafting. I did VB6, VBA, Fortran, C, C++, MFC, VB.NET, C#, Winforms, Mobile, Webforms and now landed on ASP.NET MVC. Nowadays, I am interested in, web systems, enterprise architecture, practical applications of design patterns, services, cloud computing, distributed systems, parallel programming, document DBs and applying agile methodologies to the mix.

My last permanent role was at JustGiving where I used to be the Developer Team Lead / Architect and where I had the chance to apply practical Agile XP principles on multiple teams that had different release schedules but had to work on the same code-base. I’ve also learned how to get the best out of people.

What I do for fun and at my spare time is sometimes software-related, I like tinkering with NVidia’s CUDA C, build trading systems and mobile apps. I also like the science of hypnosis and NLP.

I live in The City, London. I currently work as a .NET consultant in London and south east of England.

If you are looking for a .NET consultant then I might be free, why not drop me a line?