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  • 22 June 2013

    Implementing a CQRS-based Architecture with MVC and Document DB

    MVC MongoDB Ninject CQRS

    This is a sample implementation of ASP.NET MVC4, MongoDB and Ninject to act as a starting template if you are going to use these technologies in your project with a CQRS pattern.


    If most of these terms look unfamiliar then this post is probably not for you: CQRS, Repository, Aggregate (of DDD), NuGet, Unit Testing, Dependency Injection, Document DB. Due to the scope of this post, I won’t be able to go in details in any of these topics as this is a direct implementation.

    Greg Young did a few paragraphs intro on CQRS here: CQRS, Task Based UIs, Event Sourcing agh, if you want a simple intro I recommend at least reading the first half of Greg’s post (before the Event Sourcing).

    Scope and Definition

    In this post, I mean the plain-CQRS pattern and not the whole patterns that are associated with CQRS. Plain CQRS opens the door for other patterns such as Event Sourcing and ES is usually associated with CQRS. This is the plain CQRS with no other associated pattern.

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